The Workplace Pack consists of a set of three programs to view and search the TLG and PHI CD-ROMs, providing users with the easiest access, fastest word searches and the most sophisticated features available. Beyond the typical scope of search engines, the TLG Canon selection has the remarkable ability to accommodate searches of the text by date, classification, epithet, geographical location or even female authors. Included in the Workplace Pack are the TLG Workplace, PHI5 Workplace and PHI6 Workplace.

When it comes to full-featured search software for the TLG and PHI CD-ROMs, the Workplace Pack is the most cost-efficient and easy to use program available. It will save you time while producing professional results!

Immediate download via Electronic Delivery!

Only $95.00

(Works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7)


Standard Features

Unicode Support! Copy/Paste Greek as Unicode text.

Easily type Unicode text.

Includes the Silver Humana and Silver Humana 2 font sets

Full-featured Beta Exporter program also included!

Quick open of last used books.

Copy or print selections of texts.

Search within a book, a whole author, selected works of an author, a custom list of authors and works.

Search the works on the TLG CD-ROM by date.

Use the TLG Canon of Authors and Works to select works to be searched. Canon selection includes, date, classification, epithet, geographical location or female authors.

If you repeatedly search an author or certain works of an author, TLG Workplace can record this search.

Utilize search results in a number of ways. TLG Workplace can save a search and retrieve it back into TLG Workplace. It can copy and paste the results into a word processor or you can print the results. TLG Workplace can also write the results to a word processor file.

TLG Workplace supports the TLG word index. You can type in the start of the words to be found, or you can do a wild card search. Either one will produce a list of the works which contain the word fragment.

What's New in Version 10?

The Workplace 10 programs have a number of new features to increase work efficiency. Now, it is possible to easily switch between windows with the use of only one key. Updates also include an improved progress counter, uncomplicated navigation of the author list, and the ease of repeating the last search of author/work or list of works by merely pushing one button. Additionally, a new header was added to the search results, which provides the exact search string and interval between words, as well as the author or works being searched. The header becomes especially helpful when saving searches, as it allows the user to remember exactly what the search results represent. We listened to your requests and implemented renovations that made the program easier to use!

But the new features don’t end there! While older versions of the TLG Workplace allowed you to make a list of authors, Version 10 offers the ability to construct a list of authors and/or a list of individual works of an author. This enables more precise searches to be conducted. Also, the TLG and PHI5 Workplace programs now have the capacity to link to English translations in the Perseus online library. Another new feature allows the user to search a sub-section of a work by specifying a start and end reference division when conducting a search through a single work of an author. Complex searching has been made as effortless as possible!

Version 10 also contains Libronix support. Since Logos has added a number of resources that are of interest to users of the TLG and PHI Workplace programs, Version 10 adds links to those resources. To see their Greek language tools visit www.logos.com/products/groups/products/language-tools-greek

Furthermore, the Workplace programs now have the ability to do full regular expression searches (grep). Regular expression searches are extremely powerful but they can be difficult to learn. If you would like to learn more about constructing regular expressions, check out www.regular-expressions.info


Silver Mountain Software does not sell either the TLG or PHI CD-ROMs. These CD’s must be ordered directly from the TLG or the PHI.

Their addresses are:

TLG Project

University of California, Irvine

3450 Berkeley Place

Irvine, CA 92697-5550


Packard Humanities Institute

300 Second St.

Los Altos, CA 94022

TLG Workplace

TLG Workplace allows the user to view and search the TLG "E" CD-ROM, while opening several windows simultaneously. If needed, these windows can be temporarily shrunk down to icons.

Searches can be executed inside a single collection, or throughout a group of collections. Then, the results of the searches can easily be printed or copied into a word processor document. Conveniently, sections of texts can be copied and pasted from the TLG Workplace into any other Windows application. Searches are typed in Greek, and the search engine ignores all accents, breathers and iota subscripts. However, diacritical marks can be selectively added to the search, if necessary. AND, OR, NOT and proximity searching are all available features.

In addition to all of these valuable tools, as a free bonus, TLG Workplace comes with Greek and Latin fonts that can be used with any Windows word processor! This grants users the ability to type and print fully accented Greek and Latin.

TLG Workplace requires the TLG "E" CD-ROM and Win 95 or newer.

PHI5&7 Workplaces

The PHI Workplace is a program for Microsoft Windows that utilizes the PHI CD-ROMs #5 (Latin) & #6 (Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri, Classical and Christian Inscriptions).

PHI Workplace shares most of the same features as the TLG Workplace, with the exception of the TLG specific components, which rely on the canon or the word index. In Phi Workplace, searches can be made through all Papyri, Classical or Christian Inscriptions. As an advantageous way to narrow results, searches can also be limited to one century. Thus, for example, documents from the 1st Century AD documents can be searched solitarily.

PHI 5 Workplace does not support the biblical texts and other miscellaneous texts that are on some of the PHI 5 CDs. However, exceptions are the Coptic NT and the Nag Hammadi Coptic texts. If you want access to these Coptic texts, please note that when ordering, as the Coptic Workplace program it is only shipped by special order. No additional fee is charged for the Coptic Workplace.


Few tools are more important to serious study than concordances. The Workplace programs can make "key word in context" and "word list" concordances. Full authors, works of an author, or a section of a work can be concorded. The result of a concordance is compiled in a Rich Text Format file that can be read and edited by any major word processor.